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Jun 27, 2008
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About four months ago I started learning about melt and pour soaps I am doing ok but I need a few pointers. :oops: If anyone has any recommendations on books I'd love to hear them. 8)

My first question is what is the difference between dyes? I hear that liquid is good but so is solid. Also is the solid dye the lab quality dye? I am curious about organic dyes if anyone has any pointers on that subject as well.

Second when I try to make a soap inbed it does great. I freeze them for at least an hour before I put them in a bar of soap. But when I get the finished product my dye bleeds and the soap looks horrible.

Third I have read that if I wish to sell soap to the public that I need insurance and to test the ph of the soap. Does this count for melt and pour as well? Also where can I find more information on these subjects?

Thanks in advance for any comments and tips :wink:
1) Solid vs liquid is just personal preferance. It's like lipgloss vs lipbalm. It just depends on what you like. I like liquids because I find it easier. You do not have to melt it down like you would a solid & you can add it drop by drop untill you get the desired color.

2) Some colorants bleed & some do not. If you plan to do embedds or layers, etc you wil need to seek out & find colorants labeled nonbleeding.

Try typing David Fisher how to melt & pour soap into a search engine. He had a real good tutorial online. There are a couple others too but I am too tired to think of them tonight. I think soap teacher is another one.
Hi, welcome to our forum. I wish I could answer your questions, but all I do is CP. We have many experts in M&P here. They will chime in I'm sure. Tab and Dragon are great M&P soapers.

Buzzing the doorbell on Tab's or Dragon's door.... :wink:

Welcome to our little forum!!! I do MP soap and CP soap, with MP you don't necessarily do a PH test, if you are using a premade base. As far as the dyes go, I use candy color gels to color them. But with that, the colors tend to fade, never had any bleeding from them. Good luck!
Wow, thanks for all the quick replies and references :D .
A quick question for dragon fly princess - when you said you like the candy color gels are you talking about the candy making coloring that is edible? Also would it stain around the bath tub if every used in a bath?

Sorry about all these questions. and thanks for taking your time to help me I really appreachiate it. :D

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