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dragonfly princess

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Jun 4, 2007
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I am, by no means, a pro with M&P, but I have found a few things that help out.

You can use almost anything for a mold!!!

Rubbing Alcohol is your best friend, spray one layer of soap with alcohol to adhere next layer. I use alot!! Puddles :)

If you don't like how it came out...REMELT! I have found that after a remelt, my soap lathers even better.

You can make you M&P look just like CP, just get one of Pauls TOG soap molds :)
Thanks for the tips! I'm sure they will come in handy when I am finally able to get stated! But, I have a question for you... who is Paul and how do I find his molds?? Sorry to have to ask this. But, I am still new enough to this forum that I don't know everyone yet!!

Someone shine the "TOG" logo in the sky so Paul gets over here and introduces himself! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Thanks, guys! Through his username, I found Paul's site. Thanks again!

If I can add...

Play with it, add things to it, see what you come up with.

I prefer to have mine sit/"cure" for 2-3 days before wrapping or storing.

Not all MP needs to be wrapped, don't wrap a bar and see how it is.
Hi Robert, I'm here! I see your big "S" in the sky for Soapmaker Man! :lol: :lol: Those girls are silly! If you have any questions, just ask me! Thanks for the plug Dragon! The new HDPE Molds are going to be really good with M&P! 8)

Thanks for the input, Bret. I am sure that I will do some experimenting as I go. But, since I will be starting out very, very small, with an extremely tight budget, I will try my best to do as Tabitha suggested in another thread. She suggested that I "stay focused" and not spend all of my profit doing a lot of experimenting.... at least until I get to making more money than I can otherwise spend!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Batman... I mean... Paul... thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself! A great big "howdy" from the Volunteer State!! I've already checked your site out. Looks like you make some very nice things. Workmanship looks great!! But, right now I just can't afford extras like that. Maybe in the future...... !


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