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Wow- very interesting! Who knew? I knew goats eat would almost anything, but eating soap is something I'd never considered would cause so much havoc to villagers trying to stay clean. Thanks for sharing!

I also never knew there was such a thing as a Global Hand-washing Day. I'm bummed I missed it too. I did wash my hands as usual, nevertheless, but it would've been fun to wish my family and friends a Happy Global Hand-washing day and gift some soap to them.

IrishLass :)
Yeah, right? Another thing is that I get to "enjoy" soaping - which is of a "luxury" hobby - I don't NEED to make soap because I could buy it. Whereas in some countries they're trying to convince people how important washing your hands is to prevent disease
I was unaware of the problem of adults not washing their hands. Kids, yes you have to remind them to wash their hands all the time. I guess my head has been in the sand.

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