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Oct 30, 2023
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This morning, when I spilled things from my bag in the store while paying, the saleswoman laughed and said: the day starts well, it's best to get into bed and rest... :D

After lunch I think I'll make soap....I mixed lye and water, weighed the oils and found I was missing some linseed oil. So I replaced a little with avocado, it has a similar saponification value and it was only 11g. I wanted to try the color, but I used 35% olive oil from the breadcrumbs and the dough thickened quickly. After adding the green clay, it seemed bright, but somehow I got it into shape.

Well, I forgot to put the honey I prepared to try out a better foam anyway

Nevermind, I'll wait and see what happens to my wonderful soap... :tub:

So I think I'll go to bed today... :goodbye1:
I think it looks good in the end, I'm looking forward to using it...


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