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Jan 3, 2008
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I am lucky enough to be able to participate in the 3 Oil Swap that is coming up! I am so excited about that. BUT I was reading through the thread and what Paul had to say about only using 3 oils to make a great bar of soap got me to thinking...

Initially I thought about CO, OO, and Crisco, but to be honest, I don't like how long it has taken my bars made with crisco to harden up. So I started switching up oils in my rec and am currently looking at this one.

CO 35%
RBO 55%
Shea 10%

Rice milk for my liquid and rice flour added in. Maybe some silk as well, but I am not finding that I like that particular sensation. Here are the numbers that I came up with.

Hardness 46
Cleansing 24
Condition 47
Bubbly 24
Creamy 22
Iodine 70
INS 140

After looking at them, I am actually thinking that I may go up on my CO to 40% becaue the bar is plenty conditioning already, but I think it could be more cleansing than that.

However when I increase my CO, my lauric acid goes from 17 to 19 and my lineolic goes from 16 to 14. Which leads me to believe that the bar will still be drying and not conditioning like I want it to be. Am I on base with this one? Can someone help me out?
I can't help you with SoapCalc's numbers, but I ran it through my SoapMaker program, and your first recipe looks pretty decent. If you go for 40% coconut oil, it would be a slightly more drying soap. But then: people with oily skin might be ok with that, and it would give you much more bubbly lather (at the expense of creamy lather), and more hardness. It's always a trade-off.
Hi pjb31apb! My bars harden up quickly with the discounted water method. Have you ever tried that?
When I hit the post button I knew I was leaving something our. I am gont to use a 40% WD ad a 7% SF,
With that discount, and 7% SF, you should be fine! I think it sounds like a great soap. This swap is going to be fun. :)

Paul :wink:

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