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  1. Loaf mould IMG_6704.JPG

    Loaf mould IMG_6704.JPG

  2. Loaf mould IMG_6703.JPG

    Loaf mould IMG_6703.JPG

  3. shermluge

    Wood Bars

    I could not resist when I saw someone make soap like wood.. I scented mine with Pine and Cedar. Mostly Pine. Here is my attempt ( I was pleased with it):
  4. H

    Wooden floor White soap

    I recon it’s a Scandinavian thing with lathering up our pine floors - I have already made a cleansing, just slightly superfatted lye/lard batch that cleans like a dream, but I want to add a whitening compound. Titanium oxide perhaps? Normally a white soap here in DK will be liquid, so I dont...
  5. S

    Any Thoughts Silicone vs. Plastic vs. Wood Rectangular Soap Molds?

    So I have been using a cheap silicone (12-squares) mold to make soap so far, and I want to try my hand at making a rectangular "loaf" of soap to cut into individual pieces. The main reason being, I think it would be easier to pour only once into a large rectangle instead of into 12...