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  1. AliciaE

    Newbie with TONS of questions

    Hi all! To say I’m new to the art of cold pressed soaping would be an understatement. My husband decided out of nowhere that he thought we should get into soap making and start a small side hussle at the local market for fun. Being the DIY, craft crazy nut I am, I jumped right on board. That...
  2. MalindaRN

    New to SMF!

    :) Hello from Texas! I'm close to Galveston, and it's humid! I've read bits & pieces from SMF ever since I started making bath & body products in 2017. I own a small homebased business. I only sell items (with recipes consistently made & tested) that I've used myself. My family is always...
  3. B

    Newbie from Minnesota

    I’m a newbie although I’m up and at it already. I like this forum and all the information it provides. I’m working my way around so I can maximize its potential. Thanks to all who contribute!