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  1. divona98

    Best price coconut oil

    Webstaurantstore.com has the best price that I've found so far on 76* pure coconut oil, even better than Big Lots prices, and that includes shipping costs. 102 fl oz jug at Big Lots is $12.00 (and they are usually sold out) so .12 cents an oz 35 lbs (abt 560 fl oz) at Webstaurant is $31.50 plus...
  2. W

    Rapeseed Wax

    Hi, I am currently using Soy wax and I am very interested to change, as this outcomes a weak hot throw. If you have any feedback, this would be very appreciated!
  3. K

    Removing Fragrance Oil

    Does anyone have a recommendation for how to remove fragrance oil from a large stainless steel wax melter after making soy candles?
  4. C

    First candles, need advice

    Hi! I'm hoping someone can tell me if the amount of wax on the inside walls of my tin are acceptable. I'm having a hard time figuring out what is okay based on articles I've read (no pictures!). Thank you! Forgot the picture o_O
  5. S

    Lotion Candles?

    I am not a wax/candle expert by any means. But, yesterday I was at the Renaissance Festival and came across a booth that was selling TONS of Lotion Candles. I have never heard of lotion candles, so you can imagine my double-take. The candles are made of shea butter and soy wax. You light it...
  6. S

    Nature's Garden FO Haul!

    My mom and I got a huge order in from Nature's Garden. It was such a big order that we decided to make a haul video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GILMnojZy8E Have any of you used any of these FOs? I read all the reviews before deciding & purchasing, but I was wondering what experiences...
  7. S

    Scents to add to Soy Wax?

    Hello, I'm new to making candles and wanted to make some as Christmas gifts to my family. I'm having some difficulty with the math. I want to make twenty-four 12oz candles in the basic quilted-design glass Jelly jars. (I'm always super ambitious about my crafts, haha) But on this forum I...
  8. jiroband

    Scented Candle -- I GIVE UP!

    I've been making CP soap successfully for the past 6 years, so I thought making scented candles would be easy -- WRONG! I've made 3 candles now, trying different paraffin waxes and FO's, but I can't get a noticeable scent. I decided on all paraffin wax for maximum scent. The first 2 attempts...
  9. H

    Sealing wax

    Hello, Has anyone made sealing wax from paraffin or bees wax? Does anyone know how it is made? I just got an order that requires some sealing wax for stamping the wedding logo on wedding favors. I have paraffin and bees wax available to me and quickly. Ordering is also an option but it...
  10. D

    Desperately need help with my candles

    I'm trying to start a project with my mother-in-law so we can sell various things such as jewelry, unique painted picture frames and of course wax candles. Here's my problem... We are using 2 different kinds of wax. Paraffin and cream waxes. We are having great success with the cream wax but...