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  1. Kelly Frizzell

    Vegetable Ghee, is it Palm Oil?

    I was trying to find Palm Oil as a lot of the beginner recipes I have found ask for it - after checking a few places, I read that Vegetable Ghee was Palm oil so I sent hubby to get some, but the ingredients say Soybean Oil and then Palm Oil), I cannot find it on a Soap Calculator (I have found...
  2. M

    How do you account for Avocado Puree in CP Soap?

    I'm looking at doing an Avocado Soap using Puree. What I'm not sure about is the way we account for the avocado. Do we net out some of it's natural oil and water properties against the recipe oil and water amounts? I'm thinking about using it as an additive and netting out some of the water...
  3. LisaM

    Too soft of soap, HELP!!

    Hi, I am fairly new at soap making and have a big problem, I have tried several different batches of soap using hot process. All my soaps seem really soft. Not sure why. I have used recipes from different places to try and not sure what I am doing wrong. What can make soap harder? I use FCO and...
  4. S

    Layers separating in my melt and pour soap

    I have been making soap for about a year and have enjoyed every minute of it. I am still learning and I have been having problems with my layered soaps. The layers in the soap tend to separate while I am cutting the soap :-x I am using an organic base which is 100% all vegetable. I prefer to use...