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  1. Garden Gives Me Joy

    New (Botanical) Vegan Soaps Girl

    Hello all, I have been an amateur soaper for a a few years and loving it! Although I dabble mostly in hot and cold processed bar soaps. my repertoire also includes just a few adventures with cream and liquid soaps. As my username might suggest, my adventures often involve botanicals, mostly...
  2. Pink Man Group - 2019May07

    Pink Man Group - 2019May07

    Made with Pull-Through method & mesh bag. A salvaged Cuties bag, chop sticks & gear ties kept it in shape at the bottom of mold, then pulled up & through the soap batter. The male torso is what gave me the name for this vegan 70% hard oils soap. Fragrance: Dragon's Blood.
  3. Pull-Through Soap - 2019May07

    Pull-Through Soap - 2019May07

    Another view of the same soap batch as the Pink Man Group soap that shows a male torso. 30% Soy wax, 30% OO, 15% Cocoa Butter, 15% Shea, 10% CO. 2% SF, [33% Lye] Fragrance: Dragon's Blood. Steph's M&M: Peacock Blue; Radically Reddish Neon; Cosmic Purple.
  4. C

    Is my recipe considered "vegan?"

    Ingredients I use are the following: olive oil, coconut oil (76), avocado oil, castor oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil, rice bran oil, water, lye, fragrance Colorants I use are from TKB Trading that states they do not do animal testing, and the fragrance I use are from WholeSalesupply plus...