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  1. AliOop

    Excess of ROE

    Was too tired last night and should have known better… but I added ROE at 1% instead of .1%. Am trying to decide whether I can fix this by masterbatching all the lard with other non-treated oils in order to bring down the overall percentage. Still not sure I can dilute it enough to be in the...
  2. beloved_icecream_bar

    Explain it like I'm five: EO & Fragrance usage in cp soap

    Hello again! Second post ever, also concerning EOs. This time I need to express my confusion about usage rates in cp soap. Thusfar I've been measuring my eo by the drop, (I use a scale for everything else) which I understand is unreliable for consistency. I've found guides like these...
  3. Stacy

    General Usage Rates of FOs

    Hello! I have a question about Fragrance Oils. I know the rule of thumb is 1oz PPO. But I've also seen mention of things like cinnamon being irritating (I think this was FO and not just EO but I could be mistaken). What about lotions and creams? Is it just irritation that I'm looking out for...
  4. F

    Perfume Oil?

    Hi, All! Looking at creating roll-on perfume oil, wondering about usage rates. The company I buy the bulk of my FO's from, BB, doesn't have a fragrance calculator for Perfume specifically, but I would guess the next best thing would be the rates for lotion at 0.2 oz/ppo, however I find it's...