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  1. L

    Separating (?) batter: is it dangerous?

    I've been trying to master trace so I can play more with swirling techniques. My fragrance does accelerate a little bit (first batch turned into a panicked plop, but I really loved the texture), so after watching a million more videos, this time I followed Tree Marie's method in her night...
  2. V

    My trace

    Hello. My trace is soo slow. Do you know why? I use 38%virgine olive oil, 27%coconut oil, 15%shea butter, 10%cocoa butter, 5%almond oil and 5%castor oil. 70g NaOH and 80 water. My oils have 40celsium and my lye has 45celsium when I mix. I don't want use pomace or some EO. How can I accelerate my...
  3. MrsZ

    What Causes Slow Trace?

    A question I've been unable to find a straight answer to. I know that high water content and low temperatures all contribute to a slower time to trace. I've also read that a higher percentage of hard oils, and water discounting will cause soap to come to a trace faster. And of course, certain...
  4. veron

    Trace point in soap structure

    Hi, I'm new around here, and I'm just starting my recipes. I want to ask if the degree of trace has any impact on the structure of the crystal to be formed over time and is related to the final quality of the soap. Thanks.
  5. SoapCake

    High Water Discount and Slow Trace

    Hello! I have done a lot of research and experimenting with slowing down trace over the last year in an attempt to have more time with coloring while still pouring at a thinner trace. My recipes have always traced really quickly with only a few short pulses of the stick blender, so I went on the...
  6. T

    I seem to hit thick trace very quickly every time

    So I'm pretty new to CP soapmaking, a few batches in, and I noticed that every batch I've made so far seems to reach thick trace relatively quickly. Like, when I get to the point where I'm pouring in the mold my batter is pudding-like. I know false trace is a thing, but I don't believe that's...
  7. Vickyn

    Small sized Molds. Newbie needs some help

    Hi guys. I'm new to soap making with CP. I've done melt and pour a lot, mainly because I have a really small apartment, but I want to control the ingredients and oils. So my issue is small sized moulds and keeping the mixture liquid enough to pour. I've read A LOT of advice on various threads...
  8. Todd Ziegler

    Thin or thick trace pouring

    I have searched but have found little information on how thick or thin my soap should be when I pour it into a mold. I would really like to here from the seasoned soapers on this.
  9. B

    I don't know if I need help?

    So yeah, I got into soap making (hot process) but messed it up a few times. Attepmt 1: used alluminium pot 2: PTFE pot but scratched the pot and the KOH reacted with the alluminium beneath. 3: the mixture didn't trace at ALL and after moulding it's still wet (72hrs have passed) Current...
  10. L

    Understanding crumbly soap

    Hi there, I made a batch yesterday and pour into mold almost without trace at all. However it was well emulsified. My stick blender burned out a few days ago and had to blend with a paint mixer which makes hours for tracing a cold process castille soap. Next day while unmolding, all around the...
  11. Mobjack Bay

    Preliminary results are in

    After 7 months of making soap, I am approaching my 100th batch and have used dozens of different recipes. I’ve made some of the recipes over and over and some I abandoned after the first batch. For each batch I also recorded a qualitative assessment of how the batter behaves with respect to...
  12. DianaMoon

    Newbie Cleanup Questions

    I did my first batch, and I survived. I scrupulously observed all the safety measures, until the very end, when.... I cleaned up my equipment (plastic yogurt container in which I mixed the lye, plastic tub in which I measured out the lie, whisk, plastic spoon, stainless steel pot) in the bathtub...
  13. DianaMoon

    Using a Paint Mixer

    Hello everyone, Suddenly I got the urge to make soap and a week later, after reading like crazy and getting over my fear of lye, I'll be taking the plunge. The only concern I have is mixing to trace. I get bored easily & I won't have the patience to do it manually. I've got a drill with variable...
  14. ozziesgirl

    Soap Wouldn't Trace

    I made a batch of soap last night that would not come to trace. The only thing different from the last 2 batches I made was that I noticed my lye was clumpy, like moisture had gotten to it. (I live in very humid Iowa) Could that have caused my problem? Can I still use that container of lye...
  15. ParadiseFarm

    Formulating recipes advice for fast or slow tracing

    Hi, I've been working on formulating soap recipes using fatty acid profiles. My question is can you look at a recipe and tell if it will trace really fast? That would be more to do with the oils wouldn't it? What makes an oil trace quickly, does it come back to it's fatty acid profile? Or is...
  16. S

    LS with crude castor oil separating at trace

    I'm making liquid soap for the first time, trying a shampoo recipe with Coconut oil, sunflower oil and castor oil. The castor oil i used is a crude oil from a village mill. Now I've been stick blending on and off over the past hour and the mixture has arrived at a medium trace but separates soon...
  17. T

    Not sure how to title, newbie qustion

    So my friend and I are going to start a business, Twisted Sisters Soaps and Such. We made our first "test" batch of CP soap, a very basic recipe. Anyhow once trace was achieved we used silicone muffin cups to pour in. I eyeballed about 1/2 full. I did not level off because I thought it might...
  18. ferret

    Mix it, Stir it Up

    How do you use your hand held blender. Yesterday I made a batch of lavendar- lemongrass 50%coconut 10%olive 40%palm. And I blended with 5 second bursts and hand stirred. I seem to have a history of getting a false trace or my soap overheats and/ or separates, so I'm trying to cut that out. 8-)...
  19. S

    soap not tracing? (maybe too much water?)

    hi. this was my first time trying to make soap and everything seemed to be going fine until it wouldn't trace and just kinda stayed an eggnoggy consistency I used: 250g coconut oil 250g canola oil 750g olive oil with 174g lye and 450mL water I'm not sure if I used too much water...
  20. M

    Help with Fast Trace

    Hello, I need help with my soap. I made papaya cold process soap here's my recipe: 11oz olive oil 4.4oz coconut oil 6.6oz palm oil 3.047oz Lye 7.26oz Liquid (i use 50% water i dissolve lye here, and then other 50% was the natural papaya juice) with 5% superfat these was my...