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  1. WonderfulSoaps

    Temparture for lye and oils?

    Alright so I wanted to ask about the temperature of lye and oils, do they need to be certain degrees of each other? Do they need to be within certain temperatures? I thought the requirements I had were for safety but from my last post it looks like it a matter of opinion? I do not know and would...
  2. goldendaddie

    Curing and Ventilation in warm climates

    Aloha! I live in Hawaii and I’m going to make my first batch of soap in a few weeks (once all my online orders arrive). Once I begin the curing phase (4-6 weeks), I have extremely limited areas to have my soap hang out undisturbed. The two spots I‘m considering for curing: - linen closet...
  3. B

    Essential oils and temperature

    I have only made a few batches of soap, and have a few questions. First, I’m not really trying to promote my soaps going through the gel phase since I use essential oils and natural botanicals that I’m sure are heat sensitive. What should the temperature of my cold process soaps be? I’ve...
  4. K

    Q? On ambiant weather and humidity

    Aloha! I’m the newbie from Hawaii. I hope you will give me sage advice on how and if warm (90•) air and high humidity (no air conditioning, just fans) can affect soap—making, gelling, curing. Is there anything needed to compensate???