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  1. Mestiza Girl

    Determining SF + Lye Discount?

    Hellooo my fellow soap makers. I've read in a few threads that determining SF is totally up to you based on your preference. However I've also read that certain oils or butters pair well with lower/higher SF. I've also briefly seen SF associated with the term "lye discount".. would someone...
  2. G

    Superfatting with Olive Oil

    Hello, Since most forums don't like redundant threads, I search for a long time here before asking this question. I'm making HP coconut oil soap, fully saponified (no superfatting in-process), and I want to know how much olive oil I should add. I've heard that superfatting with olive oil...
  3. DianaMoon

    Hot Process and Superfatting

    I thought I understood the concept of superfatting soap with respect to cold process soap. Here is my understanding and if I’m wrong, please correct me. You plug your values into a reliable calculator and the lye will saponify everything but the percentage you’ve chosen. You don’t add 5% after...
  4. N

    Testing for Superfat?

    Hi there! I've made a couple of batches of soap with moderate success. My primary reason for making soap right now is to use it in a homemade laundry powder recipe that includes borax, washing soda, and grated soap. I made one batch a couple of years ago and haven't had to make another...
  5. M

    What is the difference?

    I'm a beginner in soap making. I often like to look before I leap. I'm interested in making a soap with milk. I've watched several videos on soap making in general and I arrived at this question. In reference to super fatting and milk soap, what is the difference in making a basic bastille...
  6. R

    Super-fatting - what it is and how to do it appropriately

    I'm kind of confused about how superfatting is calculated and done. I've seen lye calculators that have an area to input SF % and then amounts of oil (in % - must equal 100). So if you want to make 5% SF and you want 35% CO, 35% OO and 25% lard, 5% castor, & you plan to use 500grams of oil...
  7. Seawolfe

    What is actually happening at trace?

    One of my imaginary friends has also gotten into soaping, and we love to share ideas and bicker. I have read that it only helps to super fat after HP cooking if you want a single oil as the super fat, that adding super fat oils at trace does nothing. This makes sense to me because after...
  8. K

    How to superfat an 8 lb batch

    I have a question about superfatting an 8 lb batch. I’m still learning. I made a nice batch using olive, coconut oil and crisco. The soap came out lovely and got very hard at the end of the 6 weeks however, I started to use it and it made my skin itch. Not sure if it was because I bath too much...