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  1. Another batch of OPW

    Another batch of OPW

    With more intense colours this time. I used chrome oxide + activated charcoal for green, aquamarine mica + activated charcoal for blue, wine red mica for red and uncoloured batter for white.
  2. Cold processed bar with (too much?) beeswax

    Cold processed bar with (too much?) beeswax

    CP soap with beeswax after 14 months
  3. butter_fluessigseife.mp4


    HP liquid soap made with 40% dairy butter. Experimental dual-stage process with intermediate addition of citric acid to liberate volatile (stinky) fatty acids from the clarified butter. Satisfactory deodorising, good clarity, optimal viscosity: bubbles rise very slowly when flipped upside down.
  4. Cin

    Is my sunflower oil high oleic or not?

    I bought my usual 'high oleic' sunflower oil along with a bigger jug of sunflower 'frying' oil that had an even higher amount of monounsaturated fat listed in the nutrition info. I thought i'd check it, remembering this post: If i'm calculating correctly, the sunflower oil labelled 'high...
  5. Iluminameluna

    Still working on recipes

    I wanted to share the last 5 batches of soap I've made. I'm still trying to figure out how to create colors without micas or oxides because I can't get them. So far they all seem to work out, except for one batch that seems to be drying, even though it has little CO. A possible error in choosing...