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  1. MellonFriend

    How to Store Kaolin Clay

    How do you guys store your kaolin clay? I saw cool place out of direct sunlight. Is it okay to store it in plastic? I saw some conflicting info on that front. Also is it true that kaolin clay reacts with metal? Should I be careful to not scoop it out of the package with a metal spoon?
  2. DianaMoon

    Storing Master Batches

    I made a sort of mini-master batch (700G of water) which I have in two old yogurt containers, one inside the other, covered. As long as I don't bother it, I assume that lye is stable. Amirite? Where you do you store this?
  3. MySoapyHeart

    Storing soaps to see if they will hold up

    As I consider myself to be new at this cp soaping (been doing it for way under a year, can`t remember the exact date) I have a question I haven`t been able to find searching this forum. Sorry if this is a bit long, but want to make sure I give you enough info. When I make soap, I cure it in a...
  4. Mommysoaper

    Storage of CP in summer

    I have been worried about storage and curing of all my CP soaps during the summer. I used to live in GA and had central air and kept things very cool so I had no issues for previous summers, but we are now in upstate NY and the temps and humidity have been high! We have no AC in our new home...