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  1. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Is cure time affected by emulsion method (stick blender vs spatula stirring)?

    I recently noticed that a certain recipe does not require a stick blender. Instead, stirring with only a silicone spatula allows me to achieve emulsion within about 1 to 2 minutes. Should I wait for more time (like an extra week or days) before using the soap if I pour the batter that had only...
  2. Mestiza Girl

    First Batch! Questions

    Hope everyone is having a great day so far! I'm excited to say I have finished pouring in my first batch of Wild Rose soap! Pictures attached. Now the hardest part is playing the waiting game while it gels. :( One thing I did have a question about was the gel phase. I live in a fairly cool...
  3. S

    Large Equipment Soaps and Candles North Carolina

    Hello I lost everything to Hurricane Florence last September. We have to rebuild a workshop. I am looking for used equipment for soaps and candles near Jacksonville NC. Can text pictures and questions 910 467 1488 Anyone destashing? Pass the word if you know someone. Thank you. Sonya lye...
  4. Ansa Smit

    How to choose a blender for soap-making.

    Since we are from all over the world, brands may differ and designs are bound to change even within a brand. This video is not intended to be a brand review but to point out what to look out for in a design. I apologize for the sound that is on the soft side, it's my first video that I made with...