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  1. Anstarx

    My first divider swirl-homemade soy milk soap

    I read upon a recipe on how to make your own soy milk using a blender so I picked uo some soybeans and black soybeans. The recipe worked and I got nice and rich soy milk. Then I started to think I can use it for soap! Soybean and black soybean. Finished soy milk. Very, very rich. Slightly...
  2. S

    I'm making a soy milk soap but..

    I am a pharmacy college student and my final project is to make a formulation of soy milk soap. I'm about to add excipients such as: 1. Soymilk, as the main ingredient. 2. Coconut oil and olive oil as the combination of oil bases, 3. NLS as surfactant (to add more foam - I don't know what to...
  3. M

    Soy milk in soap ?

    Was wondering if I could use Soy milk (vanilla flavored) in my cp soap and hp soap? Or does it work better in cp? Also would regular soy milk be best? Any help will be appreciated :)