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  1. A

    Soft soap

    Hi! I’ve been making CP soap for about 3 months now. For the first time I experienced very soft, almost a gelatinous unmold of my loaf. I’ve used the same recipe over and over. This has never happened before. I did add a little less of the oils because I use almond oil for my mica mix. There was...
  2. M

    Help Please, Rebatch is still playdoughy

    Hello! I am very new to soap making. Yesterday I rebatched my soap because it was very soft. It has been 24hrs and the soap it still a playdough texture. What can i do?? Will it harden? Also for the future reference how hard should a soap be after sitting in the mold after 24hrs? I really...
  3. C

    Tallow soap very soft--CP

    My 100% tallow soap took forever to trace, and only after I put the bowl in hot water. 0% superfat 129.37 g lye 300 g water 2 lbs tallow After trace, 45 g water 2 tsp sugar 0.2 oz citric acid Combined at temps 117 for tallow, 120 for lye solution Stick and hand mixed for over 30 minutes...
  4. melinda48

    Soft soap

    I made some lavender soap for my son five weeks ago. His intent was to sell it at market tomorrow. Last weekend I shrink-wrapped the soap and took it to him. Today he called to say the soap is very soft. I have never had this happen. I have lots of soap, all shrink-wrapped and none is soft...
  5. C

    Please Help!!!

    2 days ago I made a batch of cold process goat milk soap. Yesterday I realized that my scales were on the wrong setting and I didn't put enough lye in my batch. Im pretty sure it's an ounce short. My recipe called for 6.43 oz. (at a 5% lye discount) and I only used 5.43. And it has 12.9 oz. of...
  6. C

    milk soap put inside the fridge is soft after unmolding

    i made my first batch of milk soap. i put the soap in the freezer, then placed it inside the fridge. i waited about 12 hours from unmolding before i cut the soap. it has been 2 days since i cut it, and it's still soft. is this normal for a soap placed inside the fridge/freezer? and i...
  7. reahez

    Help my soap didn't work and I don't know why!

    Hello everyone, I made a batch of soap the other day, it was a coffee soap with a cinnamon fragrance here is you tube address of video I made for it It never really seemed to come to trace and now the top part has separated from the bottom! I left it...
  8. B

    am i ever going to get this right?

    Frustrated my CP soap I Made looks so pretty and smells so great but is really soft & has been in mold a little less then 3 days. My husband & I un-molded really carefully and have not cut it,we are seeing if maybe we can get some air flow around it....every thing in the soap-making process went...