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  1. N

    SoapCalc and what about temperature of oils and lye while mixing?

    Dear all, I try to find myself in the soapCalc ( it's a bit of rocket science for beginners :oops:). I stick to the rules that are explained on the website however I couldn't find any information about at what temperature I should mix lye and oils. I'm testing lots of recipes at this moment...
  2. D

    Beginner Soap Maker

    Hi! First I want to say thank you to all of you who graciously answer questions because forums on this site have me the confidence and knowledge to start making soap. As with all things science, many factors play a part in the finished product and changing even one factor may result in a...
  3. T

    A question regarding SoapCalc and measuring out your oils

    So I want to see if I'm understanding something correctly, I hope you all can help me out here When you're trying to calculate how much oil you'll need for a mold, you take your mold measurements and multiply length X width X height, and then multiply that number by .40. I understand that the...
  4. SmileyPotato


    Hi I have a question about, which soap quality(hardness, cleansing, conditioning, bubbly, creamy, iodine, INS) determines dissolvability ? I want to make a soap that dissolves very fast. If anyone has any suggestions on which oils to use, that would also be very helpful. Thanks so much!
  5. AliciaE

    EO vs FO: Thoughts???

    Hey y’all! I just recently started soaping and I have been making A LOT lately while trying to get the lay of the land. My recipes in the soapcalc are calling for around 1-1.5 oz of fragrance give or take. That seems like a lot to me... I would really like to use essential oil to keep my soap...
  6. RKrynicki

    Water discount on SoapCalc

    I just purchased the Royalty Soaps piping set and after watching some of the exclusive videos, I noticed that a recipe says it's a 20% water discount. How do I put that in the SoapCalc? I want to save the special recipe, but don't know how to input the water discount in the app. Help!
  7. scrubadubdub

    Coffee Butter from Brambleberry and

    Hello fellow soapmakers! I am new here, this is my first thread - yay! Anway, I want to make a coffee soap using coffee butter from I use for every recipe because it is the most in-depth lye calculator I've found thus far. However, "coffee butter" is not listed on...
  8. T

    NaOH and hidden superfat

    I recently read that Soapcalc assumes the NaOH that one uses is 100% pure. I’m using 98% pure NaOH, so am I correct in assuming that I’m actually adding an additional 2% superfat just by using this 98% pure NaOH? If this is true then new soapers should really be aware of this.
  9. Techie Joe

    Is SoapCalc for Hot or Cold Process?

    I have read that Hot and Cod processes use up different amounts of water during making, how can we account for this in SoapCalc? How would we know about the difference in evaporation rates, etc? Is there a general guide / rule of thumb that we can follow for hot and cold?
  10. S

    Question re: Basic Cold Proces Soap in Everything Soapmaking Book

    Hi! I'm new to cold process soap and am having a blast so far! I'm getting ready to branch out on my own a bit. I have the "Everything Soapmaking Book" and used the Basic Recipe on pg. 78. However, I'm getting confused when I plug it into Can someone take a look and help me figure...
  11. S

    Palm Oil Substitute and SoapCalc

    What is a GOOD oil substitute for Palm Oil? Also, on the graph on Soap Calc, do you want all the bars (bubbly, etc. and the acids) to be all about level? And do you want to have every acid on the graph? PLEASE, do not say, " what are you doing selling, and asking beginner questions!" to what...
  12. magstang

    Iodine/INS numbers in soapcalc

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone can explain what the iodine and INS numbers mean in soapcalc? I did a little googling and it seems that, generally, higher iodine = faster spoiling and INS closer to 160 = better soap. Are these numbers very important when designing a recipe? I'm new to...