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  1. B

    Strange hole in the center of my CP soap

    I’m pretty new to soap making (I have 4 successful cold process batches and 2 hot process batches under my belt). I am also totally new to this forum, and would love some help identifying what I did wrong. I have made this general soap recipe several times with no problem. I got a little over...
  2. tammy sue starks

    big mistake, I forgot the coconut oil

    This is my recipe calculated on majestic mountain sage 250 g castor oil 1000 g coconut oil (which I forgot) 1700 g olive oil 1200 g lard 1500 g tallow 774 g sodium hydroxide 1800 ml distilled water 5 tbsp colloidal oatmeal using brambleberry fragrance calculator I put in 135 g milk and honey fo...