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  1. M

    Goat’s milk M&P base, EO fragrance question(s)

    I’m using a goat milk m&p base (Our Earth’s Secrets) and I want to make a soap with Lavender, Sandalwood, and Lemon Eucalyptus EOs. Do you guys think it would be a good fragrance combination? Its main thing is to help repel mosquitoes. Any advice is welcome and appreciated!
  2. S

    Could I make my Soap smell like one specific Deodorant

    Hello and a great Day to you :-) So I have this old Bottle of an old Axe Bodyspray that I used in my Teens, wich Smell is kind of important to me. They dont produce this anymore. So do you know if there would be a way to transfer the smell to Soap. Im a newbie to soapmaking, but I know there are...
  3. G

    Which OO works best for your soap as per your own personal experience?

    Hi! Basically I want your perspective on which OO you use in your soap and how it works best for you. Ive been using cold pressed olive oil in most of my recipes and the quality of soaps is great, the only problem is it’s a bit too expensive imo. Ive also tried pomace which is cost friendly but...
  4. Wooden Wick

    Meet The Wooden Wick Co. - a marketplace for all your SUPER SOAP SUPPLIES!

    Looking for elevated, eco-friendly soap making supplies? Check out our Makers Marketplace where you’ll find everything you need to make one-of-a-kind, all-natural, nourishing hand and body soaps. Our luxury Melt + Pour Soap Bases are filled with sustainably sourced, natural ingredients, and...
  5. C

    Newbie to the world of CP soap making - Help needed :)

    Hi guys. :) I am new to this whole wonderful world of soap making. I wanted to try it for a while after watching so many videos of people making such lovely designs and thought I would give it a go as a creative outlet. I made my first ever batch with melt and pour soup base, lemon (I think...
  6. Sony Sasankan

    Can Calcium Lactate be substituted for Sodium Lactate?

    Im wondering if anyone has any experience using Calcium Lactate in soap making (CP or HP). Does it break down to lactic acid like Sodium Lactate does?
  7. KaySteve


    So i have been wanting to make cold process soap for like three years but got told its really difficult and to start with melt and pour, while that was fun it just wasnt what i wanted. im ready to finally get into CP and have done so much research and have my recipies and designs ready. My...
  8. C

    Gobstopper soap

    Hi everyone, I would like to make a gobstopper soap, meaning a soap that’s round and has many layers just like a gobstopper. How do I make this happen? Every feedback is appreciated as this is quite important to me! (Its for a school project)
  9. Misschief

    What Have I Just Done?

    I'm also on Ravelry (yup, I knit and soap!) and a member of a soap making forum there. This morning, there was a message asking for a new admin for the group. I, um.... may have volunteered. I am now administrator and moderator for a soap making group on a knitting forum. Thankfully, I'm not...
  10. M

    Soap Issue

    Hi Everyone!! I am new to soap making - trying to make palm-free soap. there's not many recipes online.. I tried one using coconut, olive, shea and avocado.. I may have taken it out an hour too early or so. but the outside was hard and it was a nice color. but the inside looked like...
  11. R

    Thickening Liquid Soap

    I have made a liquid soap but I want to thicken it to get to a body wash/shampoo like consistency. I have tried added guar and xanthan gums and it either doesnt thicken enough or gives it a very chunky consistency. I have also been advised to try salt and when I added salt in, the base separated...
  12. NaturallyYou

    To Dye Or Not To Dye?

    I am already in love with this site - so many friendly people and lots of valuable information :) Another question I have is about soaps and dyes/colors... Eventually I want to have a variety of soaps in my arsenal, which I would love to make different colors to add to the "variety look." BUT -...
  13. B

    Soaping Troubles - Soft bars, even with multiple recipes?

    Hello, I am a semi-new soaper, having made approx 10-12 batches of soap, totaling maybe 25lbs of soap. Different recipes, different additives, different scents. The first many batches went very smoothly, hard bars, nice scents, etc, no trouble at all... But, of course, as soon as we start...
  14. debinnnc

    Hey from North Carolina!

    Just found you and wanted to say hey. I've been making soap since 1995 and own an herb farm in Old Fort, NC. I have more fun making soap than anything, but I do some other things as well. I sell my product at the tailgate markets in the area and teach soap making and other herbal product...