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  1. Alisia Bolivar

    New soaplover, my experience as im looking for natural soaps

    Hello soapmakers and soap enthusiasts! I'm Alisia. I'm a new user, and overall, a newcomer to the world of soap lovers, as I've just recently discovered handmade soap. I want to ask for advice and share my experience. In an advertisement, I learned that regular store-bought soap can be harsh on...
  2. MalindaRN

    New to SMF!

    :) Hello from Texas! I'm close to Galveston, and it's humid! I've read bits & pieces from SMF ever since I started making bath & body products in 2017. I own a small homebased business. I only sell items (with recipes consistently made & tested) that I've used myself. My family is always...
  3. M

    Hello from Texas

    I've asked one question on the forum (grateful for good responses). I am not new to soap making, but am new to making it for other than family friends. I have worked many years in corporate/government positions and have expressed my creative side through pottery, painting, crafts of all sorts -...