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  1. MrsZ

    What Causes Slow Trace?

    A question I've been unable to find a straight answer to. I know that high water content and low temperatures all contribute to a slower time to trace. I've also read that a higher percentage of hard oils, and water discounting will cause soap to come to a trace faster. And of course, certain...
  2. ParadiseFarm

    Palm free, vegetarian, long lasting goat milk soap recipe?

    Coconut oil 34% Pomace 17% Rice bran oil 17% Avocado oil 10% Castor 5% Shea Butter 10% Sunflower oil 7% Superfat 5% Lye conc 33% Lauric 16 Myrisitic 7 Palmitic 12 Stearic 7 Ricinoleic 5 Oleic 33 Linoleic 15 linolenic 1 Hi, I’m looking for feedback on this recipe. I have...
  3. J

    Slow trace, hard bar, frothy AND big bubbles, I want it all.

    Ok, fessing up. I have bought CP soap colors since I want to swirl like you guys so beautifully do, BUT, that means a slow tracing recipe and those typically don't lather nearly as much as I like. I like suds almost as much as I like shopping for fragrances, which, let's be honest, is the real...