Palm free, vegetarian, long lasting goat milk soap recipe?

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Oct 17, 2014
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Dunedin New Zealand
Coconut oil 34%
Pomace 17%
Rice bran oil 17%
Avocado oil 10%
Castor 5%
Shea Butter 10%
Sunflower oil 7%

Superfat 5%
Lye conc 33%

Lauric 16
Myrisitic 7
Palmitic 12
Stearic 7
Ricinoleic 5
Oleic 33
Linoleic 15
linolenic 1

Hi, I’m looking for feedback on this recipe. I have been using the basic recipe recipe given by Amanda Aaron (coconut 34%. Olive 34%, shea 14%, rice bran 8%, avocado 10%) but I find that it is moving too quick for me to do swirls. I have previously also used a slightly modified recipe (I think I subbed 50% of the olive for rice bran) from Anne Watson’s smart milk soap book (coconut 34%, olive 18%, castor 5%, rice 18%, shea 4%, sunflower 21%) which was a really slow moving recipe and lovely lather but I found it got used up too quickly. So I’ve been looking at all the fatty acid profiles (including the averages off Kenna’s soap survey) and I saw a comment somewhere, sunflower oil slows down trace which may explain why I had such good luck with the Anne Watson recipe.

I’m trying to make a palm free, economical vegetarian long lasting soap. I’m in NZ so these oils are economical for me. I am also working on a tallow/lard soap I want to have 2 options. Animal fat doesn’t bother me.

Anyway would 7% sunflower oil give me trace slowing benefits or would I need to bump it up? But I’m quite happy about the fatty acid profiles.

All the soap I have made has had about 34% coconut oil and I’ve been fine with that (I see alot of comments about high % coconut). I use 100% goat milk for water using the frozen method.


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Apr 30, 2016
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Western Illinois, USA
Although CO helps create a hard bar, it also dissolves faster in water when in soap. At least that is my understanding.

Castor oil speeds trace, too. Perhaps drop it to 3%.

Pomace OO traces faster than regular OO; a lot faster in my experience. You could change out that for regular OO and hand stir more and stick blend less to have more time for swirls.

CO at higher Temps also speeds up the process. And low water speeds up the process. So if you want to keep those oils, maybe try more water (or liquid of your choice), less stick blending and more hand stirring and cooler temperatures.
Aug 1, 2013
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Castor oil at 5% does not speed trace for me, and coconut oil higher than 20% does, oddly enough. Soaping cooler helps slow trace, but be sure not to soap so cool you get false trace from the CO and shea butter hardening up.