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  1. R

    Table Sugar to Increase Lather and Bubbles?

    Have any of you ever used regular granulated sugar to increase the lather and bubbles in a soap recipe? If so, did it work well? I like old-fashioned, 100% lard soap, but want to add a little extra to the lather and bubbles without adding other oils or expensive additives.
  2. CaraBou

    Caged Tiger

    A 7/2/1 color split for a relatively simple soap. All three batters were poured against the sides of the mold, which was tilted one way for the accent colors and the other way for white. There was no divider. Instead, I used the white to constantly push back the creeping colors. I didn't...
  3. Techie Joe

    Hot Process (HP) Fluid Method (simple version)

    Hot Process (HP) Fluid Method (simple version) .. From the video: Stick Blender Hot Process from start to finish .. Expected duration: Under 30 minutes (not including preparation) .. (video included below - 44 minutes) Tools: . Large Pot (much bigger than your batch to allow for expansion) ...
  4. R

    Simple soap from pantry - need help with recipe

    I want to make some soap with what is on hand. I have Crisco shortening (all vegetable) - it is white with: soybean oil, fully hydrogenated cottonseed oil, partially hydrogenated cottonseed & soybean oils. I also have Olive oil (virgin) and canola & soybean oil and Lye. I was using the soap...
  5. N

    coconut milk and olive oil

    I am very much a newbie to soap making...and this forum. I've made some pretty good batches..but have also ruined a few too. I saw a vid on YouTube..making soap with frozen coconut milk and olive oil. She didn't mention the amounts of lye, milk etc...:Kitten Love: Does anybody have a simple recipe for...