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  1. H

    Silk cocoons matter

    Greetings! Recently I've decided to make soap with silk. Hot process. Bought myself a parcel of silkworm cocoons which turned out to be uncleaned. Apparently, it is a standart case in local market. After some quality time to clean them up, including washing machine with soap, there are still...
  2. C

    Silk In Soap

    Hello everyone. I am wanting to try my first batch of CP soap with silk in it. I know I put it in my lye solution, But I was wondering if anyone can tell me how much to put in it. I make 4 pound batches so how much silk should I use? I greatly appreciate any advice!!:-P
  3. M

    Soy milk in soap ?

    Was wondering if I could use Soy milk (vanilla flavored) in my cp soap and hp soap? Or does it work better in cp? Also would regular soy milk be best? Any help will be appreciated :)