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  1. H

    Inexpensive Silicone Alternatives?

    Hello, I’m looking to add a silicone or a silicone alternative to my emulsified body Butter. I literally love the way it feels on the skin and don’t want to change the recipe, I just wanna add a tiny bit a silicone to make it a bit less draggy. I’ve been looking on Swift’s website for silicone...
  2. K

    Life span of silicone gang molds or is it possible to hand shape cp?

    Hi everyone...I'm still here and learning and my next adventure is figuring out if I want to make my own silicone gang mold. Possiblity #1 is making my own silicone gang mold to have a multiple of the shape I want to make. I could do it, but I can't seem to find an answer to how long the mold's...
  3. B

    Why am I getting weird air pockets on my soap?

    I recently starting making my own soap. The first mold I made used 12 oz of silicone and works well. After that, I made three more with thinner walls using 4 oz of silicone. Does a thin mold wall affect soap? The smooth bar on the right is from my thick mold. The left and center, with weird...
  4. MaryWaldman

    Suggestions for custom silicone mold fabricator

    My soap making business is at the point where I'm ready to invest in a custom mold to standardize my products. We have bees, so I'm looking for a hex shape. Each finished bar would weigh 5 oz. I know my exact dimensions and have made a demo out of wood, and one out of Super Sculpty. Now I...
  5. B

    Problems with silicone

    I have tried to make soap in silicone cupcake molds. I used two different types of molds, and got the same problem with both types. I guess it is something with the silicone. Have tried the same recipe in plastic molds, with less problems. Are there a difference between different silicone...
  6. C

    HELP! Silicone mold acting up

    I have a question about silicone molds. I have used mine for about a year now and I haven't had a problem with unmolding till the last 3 batches. Now it suddenly gets stuck to the bottom of the mold and I have a hard time getting the soap out. I checked my recipes over and over again and they...
  7. S

    Any Thoughts Silicone vs. Plastic vs. Wood Rectangular Soap Molds?

    So I have been using a cheap silicone (12-squares) mold to make soap so far, and I want to try my hand at making a rectangular "loaf" of soap to cut into individual pieces. The main reason being, I think it would be easier to pour only once into a large rectangle instead of into 12...
  8. S

    Silly question?!!!

    Has anyone used a silicone liner in a cardboard frame or outer for their soap before? I have found a good source for excellent silicone liners but I want to keep costs down so I was thinking of fashioning some cardboard frames/supports until I can afford to make some wooden ones. Silly...