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  1. B

    Shipping soap from the Dominican Republic

    My wife & I teach soapmaking at a Christian school in the Dominican Republic as a ministry effort. The school would like to ship the soap to the U.S. to sell. We would appreciate any suggestions on how to ship several hundred bars at a time from the DR to the U.S. We have tried DHL, UPS, etc...
  2. Jenny Sparks

    Eco-Packing for Soap Shipments

    At live events, my soap is sold naked or in minimal packaging. I use twine to tie a card with the ingredients & other info to the naked soap. Even my packaged soap is barely wrapped. I put a (recycled-paper) cigar label on some bars. But I want something different to ship orders (semi-naked soap...
  3. cmzaha

    B&B WSP Customer Service

    Many of you will know I am not big on either of these companies at least in the past. I did recently have a turn around about WSP, well I am not adding B&B Customer to the list. I will mention I have always purchased a few items from both suppliers. Anyhoo, due to a communication mix up, not...
  4. F

    Shipping and Handling

    Hi, I'm sure this question has been asked many times, but please bare with me! I'm trying to send soap to a friend of mine in Utah. It's 3 small bars, with their wrapping the weigh 8 oz and are a little over an inch thick. I had used USPS to calculate the shipping cost and it seemed like a...
  5. soymilk

    How to package/ship candles?

    Hi every one! :mrgreen: How do you package and ship candles so it doesn't break? What types of materials do I need? Do you use mailing boxes/tough bags/mailing envelope..etc? packing peanuts? bubble wrap? What's the most economical and efficient way that you ship glass jar candles? I...
  6. MatthewDM

    Boxes for shipping

    For those of you that sell your soap, how to you package them? What type of box do you use? What brand?
  7. MatthewDM

    Bulk/Wholesale Oils

    1. Does anyone know a wholesale seller of base oils in Southern California that allows for personal pick up (to avoid shipping cost)? 2. What are the better online sites that are wholesale sellers of base oils that have low (or no) shipping cost? 3. I love soap crafting Thanks :-)
  8. M

    Is there any way to avoid costly shipping?

    Maybe I've just gotten too spoiled with free shipping on Amazon that I can't deal with actually paying for shipping, and I will usually try to buy more to save on shipping, but so many vendors I've been looking at have quite seemingly expensive (to my newbie eyes) shipping costs. If anyone has...
  9. SudsyPM

    Best Shipping Vendor

    I am so frustrated with USPS these days. They don't seem to update their tracking information very well. It is so cost ineffective to ship 1 or 2 bars too. How are you guys shipping?
  10. E ?

    Does anyone use to help with the process of shipping? Do you think it is worth the money? Does anyone know a better option?