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  1. S

    My liquid soap separated!!

    Hey everyone. I'm new to this forum but not new to soap making. I make soaps based on animal fats, I always use the HP method because I like the authentic feel and look of it. So last month I tried to make my first liquid tallow soap. Pure tallow, no oils. I noticed that after a few days the...
  2. KimT2au

    Super fatting liquid soap

    Hi all, I am afraid this question shows my ignorance and lack of experience, but... is it possible to superfat a liquid soap? I thought the superfat were the oils that hadn't been turned to soap and therefore added a moisturising effect. I also thought that oils in liquid soap that had not...
  3. Rune

    Liquid soapmaking is 1000 times harder than I thought, seriously!

    Hi folks! :) I am now making my first ever liquid soap. The paste is now in the bowl covered with a towel. And I'm not lying when I tell you I spent 2,5 hours just to get it to trace! And I'm not lying when I tell you I had so bad separation it would never come together again. Eventually it...
  4. S

    LS with crude castor oil separating at trace

    I'm making liquid soap for the first time, trying a shampoo recipe with Coconut oil, sunflower oil and castor oil. The castor oil i used is a crude oil from a village mill. Now I've been stick blending on and off over the past hour and the mixture has arrived at a medium trace but separates soon...
  5. SelinaJ

    Why Do My Layers Separate?

    HI all, I am new here and was hoping someone might be able to help me. I have tried melt and pour soaps so many times and have no issues until I want to do layers. Every time I do layers they separate. I have tried pouring second layer when the first is still warm but with a firm enough...
  6. CelestaMoon

    Oil Separation

    Hi, I just finished making some dipped loofah Cp soap. After i dipped the loofah in the soap i placed them on some wax paper. i am now seeing some oil around the loofahs on the wax paper. The soap came together great, saw no separation and it was in the bowl for quit awhile as i was dipping so...
  7. S

    Help- soapy potatoes!

    Hi, looking for some help. I made liquid soap for the second time yesterday. Last time it went cloudy and runny when I added the fragrance, but was acceptable for home use. This time, I went for 5% excess KOH (with citric acid as back up) and got a lovely thick, clear soap. I then added the...