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  1. Mobjack Bay

    Scientific article on cold process artisan soap qualities (2018)

    Natalia Prieto Vidal * , Oludoyin Adeseun Adigun, Thu Huong Pham , Abira Mumtaz, Charles Manful, Grace Callahan, Peter Stewart, Dwayne Keough and Raymond Horatio Thomas * School of Science and the Environment/Boreal Ecosystem Research Facility, Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of...
  2. H

    Gel Phase or something else?

    Oi, I'm relatively new to the whole "Fat + Lye = Soap" thing and I was wondering if someone could tell me if this is Gel phase or something else. I placed the soap in the after oven right after making it for 45 minutes and my hypostasis is that this is a partial gel phase, but I don't know if...
  3. Techie Joe

    Hi from Dublin, Ireland

    Hi everyone, I'm a beginner at soap-making, I've only made one small Hot Process batch so far which I will link in the replies (once I have written about it). I'm a technician of many varieties including electrical, mechanical, theatrical, Reiki (2), musical (guitar), alternative energies, and...