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  1. VeggieOPeach

    How to Keep Soap Scents From Fading?

    Hello again, About two to three days ago I created two batches of separate soap and added the fragrance oils into the mixture. I tried adding enough (I'm still unsure about accurate measurements of oils) and the scent came out great. I allowed them to cure during the 24 - 48 hour process, but...
  2. CamBamBoom

    Fragrance Oil scent fade help

    Hi All, I am just beginning my cold process soap making journey and had a question about scent fading. I've read here that it can be a hit or miss depending on suppliers. For the seasoned makers, was there something you changed within your recipe or process to help the scent come out more ..i.e...
  3. deebop

    A few ponderings!

    Hi all you smart people! I've had a few things on my mind after dealing with some major and minor soap making annoyances lately! I'm pretty sure I just got too excited about things and tried to catapault into realms I had no business even creeping into just yet but I'm trying to tell myself...