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  1. Dwilson9

    How to enhance fragrance in bath bombs

    How do i enhance the scent of my bathbombs? is there an ingredient i can add? things i should look for in a fragrance oil? are there maybe fragrance oils in powder form?.. so i don’t max out my wet ingredient percentage trying to make scent stronger by adding more of the FO. are there different...
  2. N

    Orange Soap

    Hello all, Wondering about a simple lard-lye soap. I have been experimenting with orange essential oil, but have just run out. It's little pricey, so I began hunting for a cheap source. I found a multitude of domestic products. Has anyone used orange cleaning oil? Many different brands and...
  3. chrismorgan007

    Fixatives use in Anhydrous Body Butter Formulations

    Is anyone using a fixative in their anhydrous body butter formulations to prolong the scent of fragrance oils? If so, what are your recommendations. Thank you.
  4. K

    Can extract be used in Castile LS

    I’ve been making liquid Castile soap for quite a while, I’ve been having a hard time finding peppermint EO. I have extract(now mind you I know it can’t be added to cold process….) can I use peppermint extract in diluted Castile soap instead of EO?
  5. spiritpots

    Curing soaps and essential oil scents

    I have what is perhaps an unusual question regarding the smell of essential oils as my soap cures. I cure my soaps on a bakers rack in my office in my house and generally make a couple batches (two dozen bars) every month or so and have never found the scent of the curing soap to be an issue...
  6. JenBen

    When to scent LS

    Hello, After a few disasters, I made an olive oil liquid soap that I like. I experimented with EO’s during the dilution process and only peppermint seemed noticeable. Can everyone please chime in with when in the process to scent LS? I don’t have a strong feeling about FO vs. EO but please...
  7. shermluge

    Its Summer.. I could not resist.

    Bought Water Melon scent.. and made the soap.. Smells yummy. :cool:
  8. E

    Blending fragrance oils (FO)

    Is there an advantage to blending FOs to order instead of mixing a large blend ahead of time? I have a complicated FO blend that I mix together right before making a batch of candles. I’d love to mix all of the oils ahead of time in one big batch and then have the blend ready to go so that I...
  9. Persnickety

    Scents and essential oils that do and do not seize

    Does someone know of a grand chart of scent extracts and essential oils that tells whether they do or do not seize? Can everyone please tell me essential oils that do and do not seize, in your personal experience? Thank you
  10. A

    Wax Melt Scent & Color

    Hi Everyone! I've been struggling for awhile now figuring out how all the wax melt vendors have a million and one scents, I'm guessing scent blending?? Can anyone tell me how to scent blend? Also would love your recommendations on scent vendors. And color, how do these wax melt vendors have...
  11. A

    scentworks Fragrance oils FO scent works

    After a long hiatus from soaping I have discovered. The scent works is no longer open for business. Thank God I have 2 pounds of Tonic! I am devastated!! More than my line carried SW FO. I did find out from the owners Facebook that her business and FO line are for sale. Somebody buy it already...
  12. C

    Fragrance Calculator Gone Awry

    So I just completed my 2nd batch of CP soap and both times I used Brambleberry's Fragrance calculator and both times the hallway outside of the room where I cure my soap is permeated with the EO scent. My first recipe I used peppermint EO at the recommended "medium" weight and my second recipe I...
  13. S

    Scents to add to Soy Wax?

    Hello, I'm new to making candles and wanted to make some as Christmas gifts to my family. I'm having some difficulty with the math. I want to make twenty-four 12oz candles in the basic quilted-design glass Jelly jars. (I'm always super ambitious about my crafts, haha) But on this forum I...
  14. L

    New Directions Aromatics and Saffire Blue

    I am a Canadian soaper and wondering if anyone could recommend fragrance oils from New Directions Aromatics and/or Saffire Blue.
  15. H


    How tis everyone doing on this beautiful sunny day? Its been raining here forever. Today is the first day with sun in ages :D heh, its about the small things. Has anyone used chamomile tea instead of water? How strong is the tea? I am thinking of making unscented soap and I am looking for...
  16. E

    How do I get a natural vanilla scent in M&P?

    So I've been researching this lately and while a natural vanilla scent doesn't seem to be easy to achieve in HP or CP, I can't find any information for M&P. I'd assume it works better for M&P since there is no reaction with lye to worry about. Has anyone had any success in using Vanilla...
  17. H

    Attempt to keep the soap smelling so nicely

    Hi everyone, So, I have been having the common soaping problem - soap that looses scent due to essential oil evaporation. I am trying to figure out a method of keeping my soaps fragrant without shelling out extra bucks for more EO. I have tried cornstarch and arrowroot powder to ground the...
  18. Raven

    Best Selling Lotion Scents

    This is my first post, I'm not great at introducing myself, so I'm going right into asking questions. I'm starting to make some lotions, hoping to make some good quality lotion to be able to sell. My question is, what lotion scents do you like the best or which scents have you had the best luck...
  19. Michael Faulds

    Weak Frangrace in Soap

    I've become a little bit jealous of some competitors whose soap seems to just lock in the fragrance so nicely. I've notice that they are mostly using spice or flower type scents, while I'm using things like chocolate and citrus. However, it doesn't seem to matter whether I use 3 Tps or 15, the...