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  1. MellonFriend

    Adding Exfoliant to Salt Bar?

    My sister requested I make her an exfoliating soap bar to replace her favorite body wash. After doing some looking, I realized that making her a salt bar might be a good idea for her since she has oily, acne prone skin. My question is do salt bars feel exfoliating or should I add an exfoliant...
  2. Vaibhav Jain

    Real life experience v/s. Theories - Salt (Sea,Himalayan,Table etc.) in CP soaps

    Hello guys, myself Vaibhav (a 3 years old soap maker ;)) and i'm from India, "Namaste" Guys here at "SMF" some of us (members) are beginners, some are at intermediate level (like me) and some are at Pro level but one thing which I feel is common among us is hunger for knowledge. Therefore...
  3. BattleGnome

    Salt Bars

    There is a 90% chance I'm overreacting, but I might have messed up my first salt bars. I'm pretty confident I'll be fine, I'm just worried about my super fat. Recipe: 24.03oz coconut oil 18.17oz fine sea salt .42oz Sparkling Snowdrop FO 3.32oz NaOH 9.03oz water plus micas and glitter I...
  4. CMars

    Crumbly Salt Bars HP - how to fix

    Hey! I've tried searching this on the web and haven't come up with anything... Has anyone ever tried soaking or spraying their salt bars with water to rehydrate them to stop crumbling? I made my first salt bars yesterday HP and am very happy with the results. I cut when they were still hot and...
  5. E

    Salt Bars?

    Hi everyone! I made my first salt bars yesterday, and I'm wondering about a few things. Do they go through gel phase? I didn't use a colorant, so they're pure white, and they never got that "gel phase" look that my regualar cold process soap gets. I know they get really hard really fast, so...