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  1. MySoapyHeart

    Rustic Coffe soap

    Tried to resize, hopefully it is ok size. This is my olive,- lard,- Coconut soap with a littlebit castor and a smidge of undeodorized cocoabutter. Not really a beautifull piece of soap, but that is ok! Yes, I know, it looks like chocolate cake. I try not to think about it because then I want...
  2. S

    "Rustic" lip balm recipe

    Hi all, I am hosting an Outlander event at my library (I'm a librarian) and I was going to give out some lip balms as giveaways to the guests at the event. I have made a few sweet lip balms in tubes, but I am trying to wrack my brain to think of a more rustic recipe in terms of smell/flavor to...
  3. thomasgable

    Hi from the Great Lake State

    Hello there everyone, My name is Tom and I am from Midland, MI. I have made soap for a couple of months along with candles and balms! The catch is that all my products are made with tallow! I know most soap-makers don't have much of an issue with tallow so I will divulge a little bit. I...