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  1. Amonik

    Fragrance Oil Ruined By Magnesium?

    Hello everyone! I've made a few sticks of deodorant using a base recipe of 50% magnesium hydroxide, 10% cetyl alcohol, and 40% sunflower oil. The first one was with lavender and frankincense and worked very well. When I used that up, I wanted a rose scented one, and made a full size stick right...
  2. seven

    Suggestions for ROSE FO please

    my mom really likes rose, and the one i got is called fresh cut roses, and i dont know where it's from. i mean, i bought it from a guy who sells imported FOs (i'm in asia, btw), but i didnt dare ask him where he originally got it from. problem: i noticed slight curdling/ricing. just a bit...
  3. bridgetmoon

    Vanilla & Rose Petal Soaps

    Now, This, i thought i'd give it a go. And sure enough think I now understand why the soaps are hard to get out of the container as seen below. But mmm this will smell nice!