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  1. geniash

    ROE and any other antioxidants in soap

    Hi everyone, Wanted to post this and learn what antioxidants others are using in soap (if any at all) and what your experience was like. Here goes: 1. ROE - fairly inexpensive PPO since you only need 0.05% by weight. Does not alter look/color/smell. 2. I have been using Grapefruit seed...
  2. elurah

    Brainstorming: Experiences with Preservatives, Antioxidants, and Chelating agents in Soap

    Hi all, Discussion in another thread concerning DOS prompted my interest in additives that reduce the risk of fatty acid oxidation and rancidity in soap. http://cavemanchemistry.com/DreadedOrangeSpot-Dunn.pdf This paper mentions different combinations including ROE +EDTA and BHT + Sodium...
  3. elurah

    How much DOS is too much DOS?

    Hi lovely Soapers, I wanted to reach out about the DOS. I have three 4 oz bars out of about 15lbs of soap that have one DOS mark. They are from different batches, all made 1+ year ago. They were not next to each other. They were handled by hand without gloves. They are stored on a glass...