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  1. N

    How to use blended oil and calculate in soapcalc.

    I'm new to soapmaking. In my place soy oil is easy to find and rice bran is a bit expensive, but there is a mix of 80% rice bran and 20% soy easily available and is cheap how can I use that oil in soap and in soapcalc please help.
  2. Cashie

    Rice Bran Oil Soap

    Hey everybody! My niece has asked me if I can research and develop a rice bran oil soap, similar to the rice bran soaps made in Japan. I know the fatty acid profile of rice bran oil and olive oil are similar but rice bran oil does have a shorter shelf life. Even so, if a soap is primarily rice...
  3. NadiaLW

    Rice oil or Rice bran oil. What's the difference?

    Hi!^^ I hope you are all having a good day :) So, I am currently making an Excel table with all the oils usable in soap making, their properties, how they trace, pricing,... But I have a problem with one of the oils. Apparently, you can use rice oil to replace olive oil. Wich can be useful if...
  4. ParadiseFarm

    Olive oil versus Rice bran oil - am I understanding this right?

    Hi, Just checking - I've read in some places that "you can replace up to 100% of olive oil with rice bran oil" and in other places "olive oil has unique properties that you can't really substitute". I'm guessing the unique properties are the hardness (like castille soaps) so if you were using...
  5. reneelouise

    HELP! Any one have a recipe using these oils?

    Hi all! I'm looking for a tried and true recipe for a soap using the better priced oil that I have access to here in Australia. Does any one have a recipe using olive, canola, rice bran, sunflower and/or coconut oils? I'm trying to keep my percentage of coconut oil low due to the ridiculous...