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  1. G

    Getting rid of sheep tail tallow's smell

    Hello everyone I have rendered some sheep tail tallow using this method But unfortunately I was unable to get rid of the strong smell. I tried to make liquid soap with it using 45% tallow with 1%superfat but the smell was too strong. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Kcryss

    Lard/Tallow Pasture/Grass Fed vs Grain Fed

    For others that also render their own fats: Previously, the butcher has been giving me fat from grain fed animals. However, they are doing grass and pasture fed right now and so that's what they are giving me. The resulting lard/tallow seems to be less white ... more yellow/golden and is much...
  3. Teapot

    Shaving soap - tallow or dripping?

    Hello soapers. UK soaper here. I want to try making some shaving soap, and after reading through this monster thread: I'm about ready to try some test batches, and want to try the initial recipe (stearic acid and...
  4. MaryMargaret


    Hey y’all! First post yay! I’ve been rendered my own tallow from Galloway cattle we raise on pastures and when I’ve rendered that it comes out white and smells like sugar cookies. I recently got 30+ lbs of tallow from a great friend at a butcher shop that smelled different and as it warmed up...
  5. L

    Mushy tallow

    I've made HP soap off and on for years and have always rendered my own tallow - almost always from pure suet. I just rendered a huge batch from a really large cow and it came out yellow and mushy! Not hard, not white like it always comes out. My question is why? This was truly just suet - no...