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    Wax Melt Scent & Color

    Hi Everyone! I've been struggling for awhile now figuring out how all the wax melt vendors have a million and one scents, I'm guessing scent blending?? Can anyone tell me how to scent blend? Also would love your recommendations on scent vendors. And color, how do these wax melt vendors have...
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    mini/micro stick blender for EO/FO's (few OZ capacity)

    I'm looking for somethign that I can use to mix my EO's and FO's as well as pigments to gether without using the larger stick blender. I'm having a hard time finding what they are called. I found "milk frothers" but some of these don't really look like what might be required. Does anyone...
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    soapmaking without a stick blender

    What other methods do you recommend? Stirring? Shaking? Blending? And how do you do it?:Kitten Love: And also, how would you recommend doing it without a digital scale? I have a cruddy kitchen scale with hands. wing it? Also, where do you recommend looking for a scale/ blender? Garage sales? Thrift...