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  1. Garden Gives Me Joy

    What to do with mountains of soap

    I have several kilos of soap that have no rancidity or mold despite being 3 and 4 years old. Using them is still very pleasurable. Unfortunately however, most of them were a little too soft and got dented so badly that it might seem ridiculous to sell or even given them away. I started to very...
  2. DianaMoon

    A Tale of Re-rebatching/I Heart Superfatting

    I began the batch on February 24th, which I recorded here: Coconut 30%/Castor 5%/Olive 65% 26% lye (38% water) 8% superfat It was not a success. Too much water, or too little lye, very soft, impatient new soaper...
  3. C

    Lye Pockets/Rebatching Advice

    Hello and Thanks in Advance for any help you can offer! I made my first yogurt soap a couple of weeks ago, and long story short, I'm pretty sure there were a few very small undissolved lye flakes in my yogurt and water solution (they were frozen). I believe I just discovered a very small lye...
  4. C

    Rebatching Question

    Hi, I recently made some soap and used too much castor oil and ended up with a sticky soap. I want to rebatch it and am not sure how to go about it. Can I make a completely new soap and go about the regular rebatching process (grating it, adding water, etc) for both soaps? By both soaps I...
  5. B

    What do you think? Rebatch

    So as some of you know that have been helping this newbie out ,that I have been having issues making soap :( I made a really pretty mint green CP soap scented with BB cucumber melon. It was colored with High Ph labcolor in Green & to make it lighter with a sparkle I use a white mica all from BB...
  6. M

    Zap test fail?

    So I started taking my soap out of the mold and it felt kinda soft so i decide to leave it in for a while longer. Now before I put it down I tried the zap test ( putting tongue on it) and I think it tingled a little. Now i'm not sure if it was just my mind playing tricks on me or what but I...
  7. M

    CP Kosher Salt rebatch question

    Hi All, I am new member. Please excuse me if I am perhaps posting a question that someone else may have answered at some point already. I am new to forums as well as CP soaping. ( I didn't see a search options for a question) A little about me: I just started making CP Soaps about 2 months...