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  1. Vera S

    Re batching false trace soap

    hi everybody, i made soap yesterday, which ‘traced’ immediately after i poured the lye mixture ( lye with green tea and tumeric tea) wich i had chilled) into the oil mix (coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax) it turned into a thick pudding like consistency as soon as i...
  2. Fiut

    My failed experiment with castile with Black sea lye

    Hi everyone! I tried to make a non slim castile according to this recipe The recipe is with quite big water discount and using a faux sea water as liquid. In my country there is a fantastic thing called Black sea lye...
  3. D

    Shaving soap

    Hello all, bad news for me and my shaving soap. After making my shaving soap and letting it cure, and then packing it up to look nice and pretty. I passed it out as Christmas gifts. Now starting to get feed back. It doesn't lather that well. I've noticed it my self (in using it) but maybe I...
  4. T


    I have tried to rebatch soap, carefully following directions I've read in books. (I am trying to rebatch a successful basic cold- precessed soap. My soap goes from slightly melted to suddenly balled up like bread dough that is ready to be kneaded! It never reaches the watery cottage cheese or "...