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  1. A

    Cream/ lotion base help

    I have made skincare products for a while, but I've never found myself in a situation where I'd possibly need to formulate for myself. I need to make my dad a pain relief cream for his birthday, but all the formulas online seem pretty basic, as in, its just butters and EOs. I made an EO blend...
  2. LLLC

    Perfect ratios for soap

    Hi all, I am new here and have a question. I have a list of the oils i would like to use for my soap. I am just unsure of the quantities of each oil I should use. Here is the list of ingredients: coconut oil castor oil sunflower oil almond oil rice bran oil yellow beeswax I'm...
  3. metuckness

    INS and Changing Soap Recipe Values

    Hi all, I am making a soap and ran the recipe through a lye calculator that had an INS rating. This is new to me so i did some research on it, but what I have so far been unable to find out is how to modify that rating? Meaning do I have to change a specific oil? Replace a portion of one oil...
  4. H

    High palm oil soap content

    Hi everyone, Has anyone had any experience with formulating a mild facial soap with a high percentage of palm oil. I would prefer to use something like 70% palm, 20% coconut and 10% fancy oils. I have access to an incredible amount of sustainable palm oil at warehouse prices and I would like...