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  1. CelestialLizzie

    How much ice to use while keeping the soap hot?

    I recently made my first batch of soap as an adult, and… kind of a nightmare. First part of the nightmare I literally spent almost an hour trying to mix the lye with all my distilled water frozen in cubes since I heard (can’t remember where from) that 100% frozen liquids was a good idea, and I...
  2. F

    A few specific questions on lotion bars

    Hello everyone. I'm new to this and to this forum, so I apologize if I come off the wrong way or if this is the wrong category. I want to make lotion bars and I've done a good amount of research, but I'm coming up short on a few specific things. I have an idea for what oils to use (grapeseed...
  3. S

    How to label proprietary blends?

    I’m using Brambleberrys emulsifying wax and it states in the SDS sheet that it is a proprietary blend so it does not give me the percentages of ingredients. How do I label this for my lotion? Do I list it as emulsifying wax or do I need the percentages to label this?
  4. WonderfulSoaps

    Temparture for lye and oils?

    Alright so I wanted to ask about the temperature of lye and oils, do they need to be certain degrees of each other? Do they need to be within certain temperatures? I thought the requirements I had were for safety but from my last post it looks like it a matter of opinion? I do not know and would...
  5. S

    SP CO soap at 20%?

    Hello, I’ve had this itching question on my mind that I’d like explained to me so I know more. I’ve seen many times that no matter what you put into your soap or superfat at, your soap will never be “moisturizing” but rather gentler instead. My question is: Why do people superfat their CO soaps...
  6. M

    Need to Get start !

    hi Everyone ! i'm a new soapmaker and i really LOVE the idea of making soap it's been a while i read alot of about the process, problems and technics, so i want to make my first step and get start. i bought almost what i need to make soap,materials, lye (NAOH) ,oils,..... but i really found...
  7. S

    Oxides and Bath Bombs

    I have a bunch of red and black oxide powder and was wondering if it's safe to use them in bath bombs. If so, how much should be used and is it necessary to mix it into a carrier first? (Glycerin, oils, etc.) Thank you so much! :bunny:
  8. NaturallyYou

    White stuff on top?

    As a newbie, I dont know what the white stuff on the top of this soap could be. This was "too small" of a batch and I realize I could have probably messed up the ratio of lye/water/oils... But can anyone identify what it is so I know if it happens in the future? I do believe it happened after I...
  9. NaturallyYou

    Quick Question

    I am new to soap making and made my first batch from scratch. It turned out great! The only thing is, I don't like the time you have to wait inbetween making it and using it (so the lye becomes non-toxic.) So now im looking into making soap from straight glycerin instead of lye/oil mixtures...
  10. Twista

    When do you add fragrances in LS?

    I feel like I'm asking too many questions lol. I watched many youtube videos about making liquid soap, but they don't mention adding fragrances. How do you add fragrances and where do you get them? How much would you add in? Will fragrances make soap thinner? If it does, can you use NaOH to...
  11. A

    What Do You Think of This? (No trace, no gel.)

    So, I've been taking my time learning about soap making, and as I have a kindle I decided to browse the ebooks about soap crafting. I found one, highly rated, on sale for $0.99. So, of course, I bought it! And it's really a very nice little book, informative, concise, and newbie-friendly...
  12. F

    Perfume Oil?

    Hi, All! Looking at creating roll-on perfume oil, wondering about usage rates. The company I buy the bulk of my FO's from, BB, doesn't have a fragrance calculator for Perfume specifically, but I would guess the next best thing would be the rates for lotion at 0.2 oz/ppo, however I find it's...
  13. B


    Hello everyone :) I was wondering if anyone has ever bought Yuzu F.O? If so what do you think of it? What is the go 2 place to buy it? Whats the best scents to pair w/it? Is Yuzu an EO or FO or is it an EO that you can get in a FO for a lower price choice? Thanks for any info. It sounds so...
  14. C

    Hi Everyone (Firstbatch done...Questions)

    Hello I just finished my first batch.....and cut it! It looks beautiful...the colors muddied a little but it was a great first try. my question is: It seems to me that its a little cracky....Why does this happen? I am trying to figure out why before my next batch so i can fix it...