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  1. B

    Oily Soap

    Hello everyone, I recently made a batch of soap and I noticed some of my lye had harden at the bottom of my container causing a lye shortage. The soap did saponify but it is really oily and soft because there wasn’t enough lye for all of the oil. I took it out of the mold and cut it and I am...
  2. thejanuaryfallen

    Any ideas for a Beard Soap that provides Post-Shower Oiliness

    Hello Soapers! I am brand new to soap making and couldn't be anymore excited! I have a whole bunch of different all-natural, organic, high-quality (blah blah blah) oils on their way and I have my mixing supplies ready to go. I have some course salts and some very fine clays also being delivered...
  3. dkleinert1

    Chalky Soap????

    So I am frustrated....I know this has happened to me in the past, and I don't remember why it happened. I had to take about a 10 year break from making soap to care for my husband who was very ill. I made my first batches of soap (4) in 10 years in December, and they were perfect. However, I...
  4. C

    pools of oil in cp soap

    I have made a few batches of honey oat milk soap for the past year. My recipe would use at least 10% frozen milk of the total required liquid plus honey diluted in water. Diluted honey is always chilled before pouring it into my soap batter. And by the way, my total liquid is 33% of oils...
  5. C

    oily cold process soap

    what causes oily cold process soap? :oops: i made a honey soap, and i let it sit in the mold for more than 24 hours. i did not insulate it because it was the instruction/recipe. there was a thin layer of oil on top of my soap. i blotted the oil from the soap and it's looking better, but it's...