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  1. soap_phobia

    What kind of soap would dissolve the easiest?

    I have this problem, it really bothers me - the feeling of leftover soap (or anything else than water) on my body when I shower. It's started to become a problem because I need to shower for a longer time to feel that all the soap is gone, and so I'm asking this forum for help since a lot of...
  2. DianaMoon

    Replacing Palm Oil

    I do realize that this is a subject which has been nearly done to death, but I have a specific question that hasn't been addressed, so here goes. I'm using Soap Calc as my reference. I keyed in 100% palm oil, and got this. (cut & pasted bcos I can't insert images) Lauric 0 Myristic 1...
  3. N

    SoapCalc and what about temperature of oils and lye while mixing?

    Dear all, I try to find myself in the soapCalc ( it's a bit of rocket science for beginners :oops:). I stick to the rules that are explained on the website however I couldn't find any information about at what temperature I should mix lye and oils. I'm testing lots of recipes at this moment...
  4. U

    Are the ingredients still good to use?

    Hello! This is my first post on this forum. I had gotten into soap making a while ago but then I had to stop because of the time constraint and limited space. I kept all the butters/oils and the lye. I know it’s been at least a year since I ordered all the ingredients that I kept. Are the...
  5. E

    Fragrance oil

    I've spent the last couple of weeks getting used to making soap with no fragrance to get the skills of mixing and piping, now I want to use fragrance oils so do I have to substitute some of my oils for the fragrance or just add it to my existing recipe with no modifications?
  6. C

    melt and pour shampoo bars, which oils to use?

    Hi! I'd like to make melt and pour shampoo bars but I'm having a hard time understanding which oils I can use. I have: coconut oil sweet almond oil avocado oil olive oil grapeseed oil jojoba oil I usually use clear glycerin soap base or aloe vera base. I would love any tips or suggestions for...
  7. G

    Beer Soap?

    I’m going to make a beer soap next weekend, setting out a medium colored beer, probably an IPA or Pale Ale, on wednesday to begin conditioning. Questions abound. A lot of the recipes I see call for oils I don’t use (avocado) or colorants so sparkly and “pretty” they just seem out of place in...
  8. R

    What is going on???

    Hi, am a beginner (just started last month!) and I’ve been looking for an answer about what I’m doing wrong. The last two batches of soap I’ve made have turned out with brownish greenish spots on all the bars, straight out of the mold. I thought it was DOS, but then I read it was too soon for...
  9. H

    Newbie questions about calculating oil percentages

    I’m new to soapmaking and I currently have OO, sweet almond oil, castor oil, unrefined cocoa butter, CO (76 degree), palm oil, and one more I can’t think of right now. I’d like to make eczema soap (have colloidal oatmeal made in my blender) but I’m not sure how to learn how to properly...
  10. Logansama

    Questioning everything...Soap Calc and INS

    I was putting some of my favorite recipes in SoapCalc the other night, and noticed that virtually all my recipes (and they aren't all my creation) fall low on the INS range. SoapCalc says the optimal INS is 136-165 and all mine run about 127 to 135. I'm really trying to up my game with the...
  11. Logansama

    Oils, Soap and exposure to heat (Carr Fire)

    Hey there, I was evacuated from the Carr Fire for about 9 days and during that time, my house (which is unharmed!!!) had no power. Everything in my refrigerator went bad, and I'm going to throw out the avocado butter I had stored in there. My question is this: I also had hemp, tallow and Laurel...
  12. rjlnokom

    Oils Found In Supermarket

    Hi there! I'm new to soap making and I was wondering can I use the coconut oil or palm oil I see in the supermarket aisles? Most of them are in the cooking oil section. Thanks!
  13. Rose

    Mica Turning Black?

    Hi all! I was wondering if you could help me out. I have been using brown mica powder for bath bombs and I recently noticed that my bath bombs are letting out brown & huge black rings that cling to the side of the tub rather than the usual brown. The only thing that has changed is the addition...
  14. deebop

    A few ponderings!

    Hi all you smart people! I've had a few things on my mind after dealing with some major and minor soap making annoyances lately! I'm pretty sure I just got too excited about things and tried to catapault into realms I had no business even creeping into just yet but I'm trying to tell myself...
  15. ParadiseFarm

    Formulating recipes advice for fast or slow tracing

    Hi, I've been working on formulating soap recipes using fatty acid profiles. My question is can you look at a recipe and tell if it will trace really fast? That would be more to do with the oils wouldn't it? What makes an oil trace quickly, does it come back to it's fatty acid profile? Or is...
  16. NaturallyYou

    Quick Question

    I am new to soap making and made my first batch from scratch. It turned out great! The only thing is, I don't like the time you have to wait inbetween making it and using it (so the lye becomes non-toxic.) So now im looking into making soap from straight glycerin instead of lye/oil mixtures...
  17. M

    Emulsified Scrubs or Regular Scrubs?

    I have an upcoming conference in a few months a friend who is hosting the conference asked me to set up a table as vendor to sell some of my body scrubs. Well, I figured this would be a good opportunity to share my crafts and make some sales. I'm just a little confused on which scrub should I...
  18. R

    Oils and ratios

    Hi all, My first attempt at soap making was a 100% coconut oil soap with 20% superfat and I am loving how it turned out - rock hard, lathers nicely, feels nice on the skin, and smells lovely with the EOs I used. I would like to try some blending of oils to achieve different soaps but I would...
  19. M

    Crafter's Choice Essential Oils, High quality or not?

    I have a friend who refuses to buy crafters choice essential oils for her lotions and salves and creams because she believes that they are cheaper than the Aura Cacia or NOW! oils she gets at Whole foods, and therefore they must be junk and will not help with any of the things the oil is know to...
  20. C

    IFRA Guidelines for Fragrance Oils

    Hi all, I'm a newbie when it comes to soap in general, and am looking to make and sell bars of M&P soaps. However, one thing I keep bumping into is the mention of "IFRA Guidelines". Some sites seem to harp on following these rules (WSP chief among them, as they list maximum fragrance loads...