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  1. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Herbal Oil-Based Extract (via Alcohol Intermediary Method) for Soaping & / Body Oils

    Hello, I want to retain the beneficial properties of medicinal plants but am confronted with the following challenges. -- CHALLENGES -- 1. The extracts of many plants are most potent when medicinal properties are drawn out in, of all things; alcohol. However, alcohol is undesirable to me...
  2. goji_fries

    Material for scented oil infusion score

    I ran out of a plant that lowers blood pressure so I went to an international market to try to get some and just about did cartwheels down the aisle when I saw the following -oil infusion- materials hiding on the bottom shelf for cheap::thumbup: <<Anyone ever infused Osmanthus?>>
  3. L

    Calendula Oil Infusion Vs Calendula Tea?

    I've been wanting to make cp soap w/ dried calendula. Correct me if I'm wrong, but following the theory that lye eats watever oils it wants, would calendula tea (calendula & water) have greater chances of surviving compared to calendula infused in oil? I just want the most out of the calendula...