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  1. E

    Would a preservative work in a completely water based formula?

    I’m talking about this recipe for oat hair gel. I’ve used it before and it’s wonderful, but before when I made it I knew nothing about preservatives and how refrigeration isn’t enough. Oatmeal Hair Gel Recipe For Curly Hair It’s completely “bug food,” meaning no oil, no regular water, all oat...
  2. L

    Lavender & Oat Soap

    Here's my lavender and oat soap. It is scented with lavender eo and tea tree eo. Finely ground oats were added too. I tried something different this time! I used coconut water that was frozen into cubes. The coconut water came from a coconut that fell from a tree in our neighborhood. The...
  3. F

    Please help me preserve this new product

    Ok, a bit of back story as this is a bit different. My face is v. sensitive to cleansers and the only thing I'm happy with is water and occasionally an oats wash, literally smearing my face with oats. As you can imagine, this is rather messy, so I started putting the oats in empty paper tea...
  4. CaliChan

    Oat flour?

    I got 2lbs of oat flour a while back to thicken up my diy conditioner (vinegar rinse) and i got sick of trying so hard to get all the little bits of oats out of my hair so i just use a spray bottle now. But what i was wondering is has anyone used oat flour as an additive to your CP soap? I like...