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  1. CelestaMoon

    oat milk and lye

    Hi, I have decided to make my first milk soap using 100% liquid of homemade oat milk instead of water "blending the oats and water then straining" i froze the milk the night before so i can use it in the morning. all seemed well until i added the lye. i added very slowly while stirring and it...
  2. U

    Green color in Oatmilk soap?

    Hi, I've run into something with my oatmilk soap that I haven't had happen before, and would love any insight. :) I made a hot process soap using oatmilk and oats. I used 50% of the water amount for the lye. The other 50% I subbed with oatmilk, added to the pre-lye oils. This is 24...