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  1. Barefoot Farm Girl

    First Ever Soaps!!!!

    I’m feeling pretty proud of myself, I did my homework and swapped out palm oil for shortening and converted to a 3:1 lye to water ratio, ran it through soapcalc and make some hot process soap today. The recipe I used ended up being 32% GV shortening 32% Olive oil 32% Coconut Oil 4% Castor Oil...
  2. Barefoot Farm Girl

    Hello from Central VA

    I’m just gathering up the courage and bought the basic necessities (that’s a straight up lie, I went a lot overboard with molds, scents and colors….so much cool stuff to play with!!!) The more I research the more questions I have since things can go so horribly wrong. 1) Adding FO or EO, is it...
  3. M

    Goat’s milk M&P base, EO fragrance question(s)

    I’m using a goat milk m&p base (Our Earth’s Secrets) and I want to make a soap with Lavender, Sandalwood, and Lemon Eucalyptus EOs. Do you guys think it would be a good fragrance combination? Its main thing is to help repel mosquitoes. Any advice is welcome and appreciated!
  4. L

    A story in pictures...

    My first cp...done wrong. I added steric acid and salt...I know, I know. The batter immediately went wrong, so I unmolded and faked rebatch and glopped in the mold. I unmolded (to soon) Soap still soft in the middle, but the ph was on 8, and no zap (beautiful lather). So I shredded and...
  5. Drchurchillsoaps

    Hello everyone

    I have recently decided to take up soap making. I am currently in the stage of collecting data so I can order what I need to get started. I have been playing with soap calculators and ideas of what soaps to start off making. Also need to dive into making liquid soaps. Purchased 30 pounds of...
  6. S


    Hello! My name is Shelley :) this is my first post! Glad to have found such an amazing group. I started soaping last summer and have been peeking around the forum for tips and tricks. The photos below are from a batch I made a couple of nights ago. If you look closely, you may notice that...
  7. F_Drip

    I Dream In Soap!

    The idea of making soap started as more of a fun idea, as I enjoy creating with my hands no matter how it comes out (mind you, I’m not very great but that doesn’t ever stop me). Just like I learned to make my fabulous chapsticks in 2019, in December 2020, I decided I wanted to start making soap...
  8. goldendaddie

    I finished my first batch of soap!

    I did it - I made soap! My first batch (on June 7th) was a beer soap recipe from Kelly Cable’s book: The Natural Soapmaking Book for Beginners”. The recipe contained: INGREDIENTS: ▪ 6.2 ounces water ▪ 6 ounces flat beer (I used Gold Coast IPA from Kona Brewing) ▪ 13 ounces olive oil ▪ 8...
  9. D

    Yet another newbie

    Good morning all! Yet another newbie. I actually had a different post as my first asking some questions on 2 batches and am so thankful for the supportive replies! I've been on forums for other hobbies that devolved into snooty and snide comments to new people asking "stupid" or "yeah dugh"...
  10. Beth

    Hello from Oregon

    Hello, I have been reading threads in most of the forums here for a while now, and I think it is time to make it official. Soapmaking is my new craziness, and as all of my crafts obsessions, I already spent more than I should in supplies. But it is the first time I use one of my crafts in the...
  11. Jackie Tobey


    Hello! My name is Jackie. I’ve been soaping for about one year so still consider myself a newbie. I’ve been reading posts from this site for some time now and have finally found the guts to say hello. I’ve learned so much from reading all of your posts. Thank you all for helping other newbies...
  12. Skittles

    Hello from WA

    Hello from a pretty new CP’er. My daughter and I bought some homemade soap over the Memorial Day weekend and it got me curious about the process. In June, my hubby and I did a date night “couples soap” class. My birthday is in early July, and hubby gave me gift cards to get my supplies. He and I...
  13. Meena

    Hello from Denver - So new, I haven't even soaped yet :)

    Greetings! I am Meena, and soaping has been on my bucket list for 5 or 10 years (time flies). In a bookstore with my SO pre-Christmas, I saw an illustrated soap-making book and suggested it as a gift idea for me. Being the smart and clever SO that he is, what do you think Santa delivered...
  14. lyschelw

    Hello All! Long time candle maker but total soap newbie!

    Hello everyone! I am a bit nervous to be here. I have been making candles for over 30 years but I have always been terrified of soap. I found this board because I was looking for the "best". I am a long time fan of forums! I have actually done a little melt and pour, bath bombs and some...